Hospital stay 3.14.10

Took Sean to the Levine Children's ER because he just hasn't been himself since Tuesday and even though the pediatrician had checked him out Friday am and said he was fine, a fine baby doesn't cry from 5 till 11:30pm straight, doesn't look like a ghost and doesn't have a temperature of 96.2 when it should be 99.6 so I took him in.
After spending the entire night in the ER the chest xray was clear but they just felt something wasn't right, his color, his low temperature and he had a low blood sugar also. We believe he is in pain at times but since he can't talk it is hard to tell if that is what his moans and whimpers are about. He was very lethargic in the ER and didn't give any smiles but started getting a little color back in his cheeks as his temperature crept back up to normal. Once hooked up to the monitors earlier this morning after they admitted him it was found that he had a low heart rate that was irregular that at times when this would happen he would whimper and cry out afterwards. This is only happening while he is asleep at this point. Lots of blood work was ran he was a pin cushion today but was such a trooper. Neutrophils came back low and ionized calcium came back low, they are going to run more tests tomorrow and a renal ultrasound, genetics is being called in because they suspect a partial deletion of chromosome 22 (DiGeorge's Syndrome). They had to cath him for urine it took three tries but they finally got it. No UTI so it is not the cause of his lower temperature. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. Sean is asleep, his temp did get back up to 98.7 from 96.2 but has gone down to 97.6 when last checked they will keep rechecking throughout the night hopefully we will not have a repeat of last night warmer baby warmer! Normal is 99.6 when taken rectally so we have two degrees to warm up tonight, still having irregular heart rate, more tests tomorrow

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