Sean sees the allergist for sean this morning this is the third one so not hoping for much.
Going to repeat ige testing since sean is older he thinks we should heavily pursue metabolic disorder if he was seans parent that would be the avenue he would pursue
We end up at Levine again this time for a blood draw sean is a hard stick and they couldn't get any blood at allergist plus they need to get his A1C anyways pray we get the A team and they get it first try.
Sean once again became a pin cushion and after several attemps she managed to get it out of his toe.
So Wednesday's plan is Cardiologist @ 11a same doc he has seen since birth so he will weigh in on things. Then we expect to hear back from the pediatrician about the lab work. She called @ almost 8pm Tuesday night & we missed the call she is to call us tomorrow she didnt say the lab results were normal she said we need to talk. So either his A1C was abnormal or the lab results were invalid.

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