5.10 Nutrition Eval

So Sean isn't getting enough calories to grow big surprise there. Problem is when we try to increase the volume he takes in he vomits. He basically hangs out around 20-26 oz a day with no solids of course. The nutritionist took his measurements and he fell below 3% in the height to weight, less than 3% in weight and I believe 25% for height I will have to wait for the report. The figure she concentrated on was the less than 3% in length for weight. That is a huge problem. So she wants to add polycose to all his bottles. She can't increase his formula calories without going over in protein and it is already making his poop solid just at 24cal/oz. But this polycose stuff will just increase his calories without increasing his volume and without constipating him. She has to get the order approved by his pediatrician. She also wants the swallow study to be done correctly since they botched it up the first time.

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