5.4 OT Eval and ENT

AM- OT eval
Sean had his OT eval today, he is actually tracking at an 8 mos old level but has "several areas of concern"
I will have to wait for the report to see how they phrased it but she is concerned with his hesitancy and his aversion to textures and thumb tucking and fisting and his hand dominance.
She wants him closely monitored because he is coming to an age where he can start falling behind rapidly a) because of his poor vision b) because of his aversion to textures (and she used a lot of autism spectrum words that I have heard used to describe those children which sorta freaked me out) he of course is too young for that classification but since she was using the same words describing things he does and I have heard those words describe the autistic (aspergers) children at the school I used to work at me no likey.
PT on Thursday and she pointed out a lot of things that Sean does that that therapist will show me how to work on getting him to stop doing
PM ENT appt
the ENT doc said Sean has significant damage to his arytenoids (he had a scope passed down his nose today) and major swelling from acid he feels Sean has severe acid reflux and the acid is damaging. He feels he may have a floppy airway or stenosis also but it would be a clinical finding at this time since it is intermittent meaning they wouldn't treat it but if he were to get sick and have trouble breathing they would know why and they would have to support the airway during illness if that is the case. Yet another doctor make this like the tenth one that reiterated the fact that we can NOT get Sean sick, he is not allowed in daycare and we have to be really careful that he doesn't even catch a cold.
LMAO but 3 GIs says he doesn't have acid reflux *insert pull hair out smiley here*
the GI doc is very important tomorrow. (10:45am)

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