5.6 PT Eval

PT evaluation this morning
He does qualify for services he is doing some things above an 8 mos level and some things below an 8mos level, the quality of all the things he does is poor though and she is concerned about his hips so she is at least referring to an orthopedist (see I thought he had already seen a specialist in every area of medicine but she proved me wrong!) for an xray and possibly more. He has a lot of tight muscles so they will work on stretching. He also has his appropriate reflexes present but he never uses them, she said in her 30 years as a physical therapist she has never seen present reflexes when tested but no reflexes when observed. Only Sean only Sean lol. So they will also work on getting him to use his reflexes.
still waiting to hear back from the GI/pedi about what the plan is for him and eating/reflux.

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