3.27 6:55pm

They feel everything stems from an allergic reaction. As long as Sean gains 20-30grams by tomorrow then we get to go home. We follow up with the allergist and the GI docs in April. Meanwhile nothing but Axid and Elecare. We will also be getting his immunology and genetics info back in about a month. They want to make him really fat on the Elecare and then start trialing foods at one year old to see how he does. That way if he starts vomiting and diarrhea from a reaction he has room to loose weight he will have a cushion which he doesn't right now since he is 5-10% in weight. They feel as long as he has no triggers there will be no more events. As he gets more active though that should be fun to make sure absolutely nothing gets in him. Long term if he isn't gaining and can't tolerate foods then they will see about tube placement but right now since the Elecare works that is what we are going with.

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