3.28 7 Months old today!

He gained 1/2 an ounce or 14g they wanted him to gain 20-30g, the big question is will he get to go home today or not. He was 6g shy hmmm. A new doc came in and decided that he DID want an echo of Sean's heart after all didn't know if it could be done on a Sunday or not, it ended up being done. So they ended up discharging us that night.
He was fine all day then moving him around and carrying him out for discharge he was throwing up and gagging so basically he will be fine if we leave him in his crib all day so we will be talking to the pediatrician tomorrow and gi this is unsatisfactory I have an older child to take to school twice a day I HAVE to leave the house.
He has regressed on a lot of his milestones, tripod sitting again when he was sitting so well, he is exhausted quickly and pretty much just likes being held. He will drag objects towards himself and pass objects from one hand to another. Still clenches his fists a lot. And E is the only sound we hear except when he is angry! Then we think he cusses us out in many languages. He finally found his feet but he rarely plays with them.

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