5.12 Pulmonologist

So Dr. Black saw him today and basically said enough is enough so far we have been very lucky he hasn't gotten sick and he attributes that to us basically keeping him indoors 24/7 he has very very limited contact with others, heck a lot of family hasn't even met him yet. All for a good cause so far one ear infection and one upper respiratory infection both caught early so us being hermits has had its benefits. Dr. Black basically said enough is enough though and he is going to call Dr. Branner and discuss feeding tube placement and a Nissan fundo. After further research on the Nissan I don't feel very comfortable with that since he has responded to treatment for slow motility and Nissan's aren't good for kids with gastroparesis. I have read up and found great success with J tubes and would like to see about this further. Sean is at the point where his lack of growth is affecting him developmentally. He needs speech and physical therapy and they said he will probably need occupational also just not at this time because they don't do much with his age. Pediatrician's office called and scheduled the new swallow study for Monday!

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