Disappointment the peds office called and canceled the new swallow study saying it was a duplicate. Which isn't true since the first one wasn't done correctly:(
We also tried to start Sean on the Prilosec tonight. While he has previously been doing really well on the Bethanechol with vomiting and choking and coughing and gagging that all went out the window when we tried the prilosec. Basically just flushed sixty bucks down the drain. I'll try it one more time in the am but I am not holding out hope that he will do better with it. He still has many reflux symptoms so he needs SOMETHING for that but Prilosec must not be the answer. He choked several times (probably because it is a very thin liquid and he tends to choke on thin things like water) and then spit up once during him getting it and then vomited alot within 5 minutes of getting the whole dose:( Choking and vomiting while taking a medicine is not good obviously so we need to figure out a solution. His Bethanechol is really syruppy and only 1ml so he does fine. Whereas this Prilosec was about an oz and thin.

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