So the GI nurse FINALLY called me back (I've been calling for TWO days with the news of him aspirating what is the plan) and she says

"the doc is happy with Sean since he is maintaining his weight keep everything the same"

I reamed her out and told her I didn't care if HE was happy I was NOT happy and my son was not going to continue being miserable and the doc called me back two minutes later


Sean is getting a nuclear gastric emptying scan to evaluate his motility

Sean is getting a repeat pH probe

Sean is now on 30cal/oz formula

Sean is now OFF the Bethanechol

Sean is still ON the Prilosec

The doctor wants to personally speak to the ENT that did the bronch and evaluate if this needs to be medically or surgically managed.

Still don't like the GI doc but apparently I finally lit a fire under his butt

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