They scheduled Sean's nuclear gastric emptying scan for next Thursday. I'm really sad about this since it is the same day as Ashlynn's 6th grade awards but my parents and Scott will go to the awards and I will take Sean in for his scan and then we can all go for lunch afterwards, the best I can do, don't want to delay his scan much longer.
Sean's reflux cough is coming back could mean he is aspirating more:( Talked to the GI and he meant to prescribe 20mg of Prilosec a day (divided into two doses) but only prescribed 10mg once a day so we will increase that tomorrow but it really stinks since the copay is $60 and we will run out in half a month all because of his error. I asked for samples but since it is Prilosec packets they don't get samples of them err!
The 30cal formula is going good so far, no vomit he managed to poop today (a concern since he is getting less volume meaning less fluid so he could end up very constipated). Even though he is coughing more he is regurgitating less today and I believe had fewer episodes of pain.
The GI doc still hasn't talked to the ENT though so I guess that means I will be on the phone monday calling both offices annoyingly until they talk to each other.
Sean's pediatrician emailed me back today and spoke with the GI she is really taking a backseat now and I'm not sure I like that since she was a great advocate for Sean and now she is leaving it in the hands of a GI I am not 100% confident in.
Well come Thursday we should know some more. Hopefully the blue spells and choking and vomiting will hold off and not rear their ugly head again.

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