5.30-6.2 Poopie Pants

Well we have been battling something the past few days what it is we have no clue?
teething? allergic reaction? virus? not sure but poor Sean has definitely not feeling well whatever it is and we are very tired parents!
It all started Sunday morning 5:30am Sean threw up his bottle (30 cal Elecare 2.5 oz), he then proceed to throw up the rest of the day even pedialyte:( He was still wetting his diapers had a slightly softer bowel movement but in between puking/eating/ and a severe reflux flair he was playing at least. His reflux flared and he was in a whole lot of pain poor booger.
Monday morning we saw his pediatrician for his 9 mos Well Baby visit- such a misnomer. Anyways he is less than 2% weight now so every oz counts and we needed to get him eating again. The pedi suggested syringe feeding him small bits at a time and that worked he was keeping down the small amounts of syringed pedialyte then syringed 1/2 pedialyte 1/2 24 cal formula (lower cal pedi's idea) and then full strength 24 cal Elecare thank goodness! He had another slightly mushy bowel movement but no rashes at all so the thinking was that he was just not tolerating the 30 cal formula that it was too strong.
ALSO found out at that appt that the local GI thought I was lying and that Sean was completely healthy and never throws up and that I made it all up. I am so upset there are no words. MY child continues to suffer because your ego can't figure out what is wrong with him. That makes THREE GI's that have said he does NOT have reflux yet he obviously does his bronchoscopy doesn't lie how else would there be stomach acid in his AIRWAY! STUPID DOC. So very frustrated, all hope of healing Sean lay with God and Duke now. Hopefully they can work together and get my boy better.
Tuesday he kept everything down he is now up to 2 oz of 24 cal Elecare every 2-4 hours not near enough but that is all he is tolerating for now not wanting to go much higher right now because now we are dealing with a horrid acid diaper rash and diarrhea:( Sean just can't catch a break!
Here is hoping for a better Wednesday!

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