6.4 Levine again

So Duke called to check on Sean after talking to Dr. Lin yesterday. They wanted him to go to the pediatrician's and get a hydration status check. He lost 6 oz since Monday and he is dehydrated. They tried to stick him and give him IV fluids in the doc's office but the veins blew so off to the local hospital to get IV fluids for the night. While getting admitted the local GI who felt nothing was wrong with Sean finally called with his gastric emptying scan results (from last week and I already knew the results) although he said he was very slightly slow his number was 48% and it should have been 50% so very slight. Anyways he asked how Sean was doing and I wasn't going to be a b***h and hang up on him even though he called me a liar and said my son didn't vomit to the pediatrician but I held my cool and just said we were at Levine getting fluids he was dehydrated. While ending the call he said he would stop by in the morning. argh I don't want to see him. The pediatrician was supposed to say his care had been transferred up to Duke but apparently that wasn't relayed so now he comes by in the am. Well I told the hospitalist who was busy admitting him that unless the doc had Duke credentials no one other than him was allowed to write orders on my son. IF he tries to do anything with his care in the am I will just sign out AMA and call Duke. I am not in the mood to deal with him. He ignored my son's pain and weight issues and I refuse to deal with people who do not listen and look.
Anyways vent over. We have a not so great nurse tonight so I'm not happy about that. We have a HUGE room though and I joked that we would end up with the smallest room at Duke next week for the longer stay and have this huge room for the short stay that would be our luck! The nurse took over four hours to get Sean's fluids started (um the main reason we were there) and only gave excuse after excuse why she hadn't done it yet. Not how you deal with a pediatric patient's parent. My child is my world and I don't give a rats ass what is going on out there and the fact that you are taking care of another nurse's patient and not your own pisses me off even more. Apologize and get your work done quit with the excuses. He is getting his IV fluids now though and just fell asleep 30 minutes ago. He had his first semi wet diaper a little while ago also!

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