6.13 Something of a Victory (brought to you by Scott)

No, this isn't about the USA getting a draw against England.

When we took Sean to Duke last week, they sent us home with an NG tube and instructions to bottle feed him as normal and whatever he takes, drip down the tube. We weren't given a pump to go along with the tube, because the doctors felt that wasn't necessary, since he was taking the bottle fine and didn't really need the NG tube while in the hospital. Of course not; it was the same amount we had bumped him down to because he was vomiting more than that. We were to increase the amount slowly every three days to see how he tolerated the increase.

So how do you think he tolerated the increase? By barfing all over Cat and me. So Cat called the doc back up, and he said bump him back down to 100mL. That's not enough to gain weight though, and he doesn't want Sean vomiting at all. So now we have a pump. The pump we felt we should have had when we left Durham. Now Sean gets three bottles a day and continuous overnight feeding through the tube. After two days, so far so good. No vomiting.

The first night was a bit rough. Sean is used to waking up in the middle of the night to be fed, so when he woke up and we didn't feed him, he was none too pleased. But since he did in fact have a full belly, eventually I got the little guy back to sleep. He spent some time sleeping on me, (I am still on the floor in there, but I did snag the mat Duke gave me to sleep on the floor there, score) but he spent most of the night on his mattress. Last night was better; he went to sleep on me, then I transferred him to his mattress. When he woke in the night, this time I didn't have to pick him up and rock him back to sleep. I just put him on my chest until he went back to sleep (which didn't take long), and then moved him back to his mattress.

I'm looking forward to the night that he'll sleep the entire night on his own mattress. I'm also looking forward to a weigh-in with some positive weight gain. I'm optimistic that both of those events are coming soon.

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