6.9 Home sweet Home

Well Sean hasn't pulled out the tube all day! He has made several attempts but we caught him each time! He has done great. We use the tube for his medicine which is great he has never done well with it and a lot ends up on him rather then in him so it is nice to know 100% is actually getting in him. He refused the last 10ml of his bottle tonight and when I went to put the last 10 down his tube it went everywhere lol. Oops. So medicine through tube check, feeding through tube fail. Right now he is doing great because there isn't a huge difference he was taking in between 530-560ml/day and now he is taking in 600ml. Once we start getting in the bigger volumes that is where we may have issues. He hasn't taken in more than 24 oz/day in months. So we shall see.
Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers.

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