So Sean's bloodwork showed that he was neutropenic. Under 1000 a child can get sick very easily, under 500 is isolation. His was 650. Back in March he also was neutropenic 828 then 1197. So we will continue to keep him inside and miss out on life:(
We are very frustrated but it turns out they aren't doing much because the docs in Charlotte still haven't sent up his medical records. So they can't do further testing until they assess what has already been done.
We decided just to take him home. If he stayed in the hospital longer he had a huge risk of getting sick so better to get him home and then take him back up when they figure out the plan after they assess his medical record.
So at home we will increase his feeds by 10ml every three days. He is on 100ml every 4 hours until Thursday night then we will up him again to 110ml every 4 hours.
We left Duke at 7pm got home close to 11pm and we were exhausted.

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