6.30 Inconsiderate staff

When you work night shift on a pediatric unit please remember you are not a cheerleader at a football game there might just be sleeping sick children who really need their sleep. So the nurse, the CNA and the respiratory therapist all couldn't figure out how to whisper and not turn on bright lights last night. I mentionned it to social work today and apparently they said something because the CNA (not even the offending one) has already made two snarky comments. The nurse lied to the docs and said I shut off the feed last night which is not true. Then the nurse today lied to the docs stating I refused to feed my child. When in actuality he was NAPPING and I just delayed his feed by 45 minutes because I will NOT wake a sleeping child. A child who already has a hard time sleeping geez.
Also another very interesting fact- the fact that my son's pupils aren't equal wasn't recognized until last night. Why did three nurses miss this you ask? interesting question. None of the docs questioned this either. Wonder how many of them documented PEARL (Pupils equal and reactive to light) because they are most definitely not equal.
Neuro came by ordered a bunch of blood work and an EEG. They recognize his assymetry but hope it corrects with therapy they believe it was due to something during my pregnancy either the flu or the HE/PIH. Sean got hooked up to an EKG (twice due to miscommunication), and a 48 hr EEG. The EKG showed the sinus arrythmia and bradycardia they said it is insignificant at this point. Bad thing is it is video and audio taped so on more walks in the hall or visits to the playroom:( We also can't weigh him because of the head leads.
SCORE! Super Mini backpack to the rescue I knew there was a reason I brought it lol, it is now holding the huge EEG recorder thingy so he is mobile in his crib at least! Yeah for feeding tube supplies being multi purposed!
Weight - unable to obtain
PO feeds 120ml 3x day
Overnight 50ml x 12 hrs (they tried to change this but no doctor spoke with me and I refused to let them change it without discussing it with me. Last I heard from the dietician was that we would try 26cal not up his feeds.)

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