7.1 Still Duke

So the morning started off fantastic I interviewed with Bayada for a position in Raleigh (crosses fingers). While I was at my interview a very good friend from high school watched Sean. I had a couple people offer and I am so blessed to have so many friends and family that want to help us through this. Jackie did fantastic even though Sean of course gave her a run for her money lol. He gave her a super stinky poop to change, then pulled out his NG tube, showed her how well his lungs worked and I'm sure much more. But she was still smiling and not on the floor when I came back! Thank you Jackie for allowing me to go, it was very important for our family and wouldn't have been possible without you!
Weight- Unable to obtain due to leads
PO feeds 120 ml 3x day
Overnight feed 50ml x 12 hrs. Sean was VERY restless for this but we aren't sure if it was the leads and all the wires or the formula so only the next night will be able to tell if off the EEG.

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