7.2 What is the plan man

So last Friday Dr. Lin said there was a 50/50 chance Sean would still be in for the holiday weekend. Unfortunately the odds are against us. One GI said we may be out by Mon/Tues the other said a couple weeks. Who knows at this point.
So GI was in here trying to figure out how to swing 140 more mls every 24 hrs is tough. Looks like we will be in here a couple weeks. He gained .29 oz since Monday but it is a gain! The really wanted him weighed while they were here I had a sinking feeling it was too soon after he ate and it would be artifically high. I was proven correct when the weighed him right before his next bottle and he actually only gained .35 oz.
Weight 7.5 kg
PO Feeds 120 ml 3x a day
Overnight feeds 52ml/hr x 12 hours
Scott and I switched out tonight. Scott took the amtrack up from Charlotte and I drove down to Charlotte to work for the weekend.
I'm going to miss them this weekend, this is the longest I have been away from Sean ever (3 nights/2 days) but I guess I could see it as preparation for when I go to camp. Ashlynn is getting super excited about camp I think she said it was 19 days away in a text. Ashlynn has had an excellent week hanging out with my sister and her kids and my mom and dad, she also got to go to pottery camp so she isn't feeling too too left out lol. Scott's parents will be getting her tomorrow!

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