7.3 Duke cont'd

So Scott is up with Sean at Duke and already they are trying to be a PITA while I'm not there. Sean does NOT do well with a Prilosec compound he reacts to it. So ALL WEEK we have been giving him his home Prilosec powder packets and they supposedly keep telling the pharmacy to quit sending up the compound since the patient can't use it (we better not be billed for it!) Anyways this morning they tried to insist that Scott HAD to use it and not the home supply. Idiots I tell you, WHEN will they start listening to the parents! So Scott insisted he get the home supply and he called me to confirm but he shouldn't have to do that. Yet Sean still doesn't have Benedryl or hydrocortizone cream for his HORRIBLE reactions on his skin. He BLISTERED and swelled from the EEG leads yet they give him NOTHING after me asking repeatedly, he got a bad red raised rash from the monitoring leads on his chest, he still had a prickly red rash from the urine bag they put on him two days ago to get urine the poor child NEEDED some cream he had way to much reactions going on. STILL NOTHING. The doc came by and wrote for VASELINE wth? Luckily it is clearing on its own with time but in the mean time the blisters have to be uncomfortable.
Weight 7.6kg
PO feeds 120ml 3x a day
Overnight feed 54ml/hr tonight (going up 2ml/hr each night)

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