A not so Happy 4th of July

So Sean is still inpatient at Duke and today he spiked a fever and has an ear infection. I thought a couple days ago that he was getting one because he tugged on his ear all day but they didn't believe me. Same ear even, looks like momma was right again. The doc really wanted to give him an oral antibiotic but I steadfastly refused (thank god Scott called me) because I don't want Sean's GI tract messed up for days maybe even weeks. They ended up giving him two shots of Rocephin after much debate I got my way. They refused to give him Tylenol but the fever did come down on its own this afternoon. They forgot that the hematologist said to draw an ANC anytime Sean runs a fever over 100.5 so I had to call to make sure that was done. Sean gained an ounce he is up to 7.645 kg today. The fact that it is only an ounce concerns me. He is sitting in a crib all day is he going to be able to gain once we get home and he is more active? I think the 34oz a day is to much as evidenced by the ear infection. Ear infections can be caused by uncontrolled reflux but since they refuse to do the pH probe how do we know if his reflux is controlled or not.
I decided today that if they tell me Tuesday morning he can't come home then I am going to call his pediatrician and see about getting him transfered to a hospital who works WITH the parents not against in the best interest of the child. This is getting ridiculous.

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